Why Listsure?

ListSure is a tool to grow your business


Here's the thing. We all know how important it is to market a property correctly and present it in the best possible way. It stimulates interest and creates demand – all very good things indeed. And the double whammy is that well-marketed homes tend to:

  • sell at a higher price; and
  • sell in a shorter period of time.

So, marketing homes is good. But it's not cheap.
Who pays – the vendor or the agent?

This is the age-old question, no doubt carved in stone way back when the first cave was sold ("lovely open plan, high ceilings, indoor/outdoor flow..."). It can be a real point of contention amongst real estate agents – with the ideal marketing budget often compromised due to the need for upfront marketing costs. But that's all changing. Real Estate Agents can now eliminate this problem by using ListSure!

ListSure is a unique insurance and finance offering that covers 80% or more of the vendor’s listing expenses if the property does not sell within an agreed time period.

That's right. Real Estate Agents are now in a position to collect only 20% of the agreed marketing budget from the vendor on listing, with the balance due on settlement. Furthermore, if the property does not sell within the agreed agency period the vendor is not required to pay the balance of the marketing budget. ListSure will advance a lump sum loan for the balance of the agreed marketing costs to the agency shortly after the property is listed, and if the property does not sell within the agreed listing period then ListSure will forgive the loan.

Benefits of using ListSure:


·       Secures more listings – by giving you a competitive advantage

·       Removes a friction point in negotiation i.e. upfront marketing costs

·       Sell the best marketing package to achieve the desired result

·       Improved cash flow – eliminating liability for deferred marketing costs

·       ListSure does not interfere with the Vendor/Agent relationship

·       We are not asking agents to sell insurance nor finance

·       Allows you to confidently offer the vendor a guarantee – "if we can’t
        sell your property in the agreed period, we'll carry the marketing costs".

Advantages to the Vendor

·       Removes the financial barriers for the best marketing budget,
        allowing the vendor the best opportunity to sell their home.

·       Frees up cash to deploy elsewhere to achieve the best outcome – to
        use on things such as landscaping or repairs and maintenance. 

·       Instils extra confidence in the agent as they are at greater risk if the
        property does not sell.

·       Aligns outcomes.



More listings


Better marketing


More sales at
premium prices!