How it works

ListSure empowers you to offer vendors real peace of mind by removing the financial barriers when selling their home.

Step 1: Preparing
for a listing

You'll develop a marketing budget for the property as usual via the ListSure portal. What does the budget require? Drone shots? Sure. Interactive floor plans? Go for it. Brochures, signs, styling – it's up to you. Whatever is required to get the best result.

Next, get a ListSure quote based on your marketing budget – quick and simple. 


Step 2:
Activating ListSure

Your vendor signs the agency agreement and pays only 20% upfront for marketing.

You share copies of signed agency and marketing agreements with ListSure.

You are GO for launch! ListSure will advance a lump sum loan for the balance of agreed marketing costs to the agency shortly after the property is listed.

Step 3:
Repay loan or manage a claim

If the property sells: the loan is simply repaid out of the proceeds of settlement. Everyone celebrates.

If the property does not sell within the agreed period: ListSure will forgive the loan. This happens on receipt of documentation that shows that the marketing budget has been spent and that the property has not sold – despite your best efforts. Better luck next time!