Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do you call yourselves ListSure?

That's an easy one. It's about adding extra surety to the listing process – removing financial risk for you and your vendor. 

Q: Do you offer ListSure directly to vendors?

No - ListSure is purely a tool to assist Real Estate Agents secure more listings and offer vendors the very best marketing budget.

Q: Is ListSure available for all properties?

Yes, although our preferred target is to offer ListSure to residential properties typically being sold via auction. 

Q: What can the ListSure offering be used for ?

ListSure will fund all listing expenses, approved by the vendor/agent and set out in the usual marketing budget provided to ListSure before the property is listed.

Q: Can you be more specific on what "listing expenses" includes?

We're talking about your normal marketing expenses used to sell a property. A well executed print and/or digital online marketing campaign would typically include things like:

  • high end photography
  • professional video and floor plan production
  • custom designed printed property brochures
  • sign boards
  • copywriting service
  • mail drops
  • preparation of contract
  • auction fees

In addition to these, ListSure will also fund and insure ancillary expenses such as:

  • property styling
  • conveyancing
  • building and pest inspections

AND we will also allow discretionary expenditure up to a cap of $1,500 per listing which can be utilised for example to:

  • undertake minor repairs
  • landscape /mow the lawn
  • prepare the house for inspection

Q: Wow, that's quite a lot of stuff.

Thanks. That wasn't really a question though.

Q: Oh, sorry. So, what happens if the vendor withdraws their property?

If the vendor changes their mind and withdraws the property before the expiry of the agreed period, ListSure recovers the loan from the agency. Of course the agency would also have the ability to recover the outstanding marketing costs form the vendor as per usual.

Q: Does ListSure comply with all legal and regulatory requirements required to offer finance and insurance?

Absolutely. And we have the support and backing of two of Australia's most trusted institutions – Hollard Insurance and a leading Australian investment bank. Find out more here.

Q: Will I need to sell insurance or financial products?

No way – there's enough people in the world doing that! This is all about helping you secure a competitive advantage in the industry and giving your vendor peace of mind in the process. You don't even say our name – it's all promoted as part of your service. 

Q: Do you have a pun that you'd like to finish with?

Actually, we do. With ListSure, real estate marketing is as safe as houses!